Swegaming AB

We have more than 5 years of experience generating valuable online traffic to our partners.

Swegaming AB are attending LiAC 2018.

About us

Swegaming AB was founded back in 2012 by long time friends Andreas Johannesson and David Hjelmström and was soon developed into a fast growing online business. Today Swegaming are driving traffic in two main niches, iGaming and personal finance in several different markets with focus on high value traffic in a sustainable and responsible way.

Swegaming are headquarted from Gothenburg, Sweden with a total of six employees.

Andreas Johannesson Founder andreas@swegaming.com / +46 734 174756
David Hjelmström Founder david@swegaming.com / +46 737 073760

A selection of our projects

Down below you can find a number of our current developments. For more information of other traffic sources please contact us.

Come meet us

Our offices is located in the heart of Gothenburg and we're always open to discuss new possibilities. Just swing by if you're in the neighborhood.